Monday, April 24, 2006

Dreary Weather causes less than chipper attitudes

I have made the obvious observation, as I am sure many others have, that when it rains and the weather is disgusting, people tend to be less cheerful and welcoming as normal. I know that I also fit into this category of not being in the best of moods when it rains outside. There are numerous reasons for this lack of good cheer. One reason is the obvious added hassle of having to lug an umbrella to classes, possibly tie those duckboots, and find the rain coat that has been thrown somewhere in the cluttered closet. Our hair gets 'messed up' due to the rain gear or lack of it, depending on how prepared you were for the weather. One has to be careful because they may slip and fall due to the moisture and puddles that accumulate in the hallways and classrooms.
Added hassles occur when one has to drive somewhere. One must make sure their headlights are on, that they have set windshield wipers to the adequate speed and continue to adjust these as the rain increases and decreses. In addition people drive more slowly in the rain and more accidents usually occur, causing an increase in traffic. Rain overall impedes the task of driving places.
In addition to the many extra little tasks one aquires when it rains, rain typically has some psychological effects on people as well. Part of the moodiness and grumpiness may be attributed to some of the added discomforts listed above, but even without many of these, I believe there would still be an overall more somber effect on rainy days than sunny ones. Tests have been conducted that support this overall finding. The sun has been shown to stimulate more amiable moods, while cloudy skies, rain, and a lack of sun promotes the opposite.
Due to all of these obvious reasons, I hope that in the last few weeks of school we have a great deal of sunny days to promote an overall cheery nature on campus...otherwise we may be finding a lot of grumpy, unhappy people.


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